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 General Site Rules

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Harmony Cavour

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PostSubject: General Site Rules   Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:42 am

Site Rules

  • Plagiarizing ऴ Don't do it, simple as that. You wouldn't like if someone stole from you, so keep in mind the other person probably wouldn't enjoy it either. Not only is it rude, but stealing from someone else shows that you lack the initiative to write a piece from your own thoughts. People caught doing this will be warned only once, we will ask them why they did it, but if you don't give a valid answer you're more than welcome to leave. A second time caught? You will be asked to leave.

  • Meta-gaming ऴ This is probably one of the worst things to do on a roleplay site honestly. You can not automatically know who someone is, you can't know their name or anything about them. You only know what you might've been told from other people and what the character you're interacting with tells you. So please do not try and act like you know everything about the character because it gets old and people will be annoyed by it.

  • Spamming ऴ This is posting needless posts on the forum with no real intention of doing anything. It just annoys everyone, this is why we try to avoid it. Do not partake in this, it makes everyone's life a little harder from the sheer stupidity.

  • Bigotry ऴ You will run into people that have a different opinion than yourself but that's a part of life. We on the site, request that you do not make a big deal of someone holding a different opinion. Even if you think the opinion is stupid there's no reason to drag on an argument more than say you'll agree to disagree. Try to keep a positive attitude even if you do think the other person is a bit ridiculous. We don't want you being accused of a troll because you were arguing a point.

  • Flaming/Baiting ऴ We're not asking all of you to get along and hold hands, but please respect the other members here. Baiting someone into an argument for no reason beyond to upset them will be dealt with from the staff. Flaming, senseless hating the likes are considered bad. Do not be one of the people that cause grief for others. If you don't like someone then please avoid them.

  • Stay Civil ऴ There's no need to attack people on a role-playing game it won't get you anywhere in life. If you the players are having an issue please take it from where all the forum can see it to your private messages. If you still can't resolve the issue you may ask a member of the staff but don't expect us to drop everything over a squabble.

  • What Happens In Vegas... ऴ what happens on this site, STAYS on this site. No one here is interested if you're bickering with someone from another site. We do no want issues popping up all over because of things people seem to have interest in dragging up. So please just leave the site stuff, to the site.

**More will be added later when I think of them.
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General Site Rules
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