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 Jace Alister [finished]

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PostSubject: Jace Alister [finished]   Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:04 pm

Character Template

Name:Jace Alister
Bloodline: Alister
Coven:Mother Coven
Position: Head shadow Magi

What does your reflection show?
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:red
Over-All Apperance:Jace is short very short. For his age he is the smallest person he knows, and that’s probably as tall as he will ever get. For a male his height is degrading, and worse his long hair and youthful demeanor can at times almost make him look effeminate. His red eyes are usually cast in an angry light even though his personality is usually more annoyed then anything else.

His frame makes Jace look even younger then his height. His body doesn’t show much in terms of strength, but he is fast and light on his feet. Jace looks almost like a child at times, and so he is often insecure about his body. Keeping himself adorned in long and large robes which are actually slightly too large for his small body, and he has grown out his hair in an attempt to look older.

Needless to say Jace actually looks more like he was in his young pre teen years rather then his actual age of 29. As such Jace holds his drivers license with him at all times, and can often be seen pulling it out to show others his age.


You're so see through...

  • Alcohol: when your lonely and you know grab a drink! Jace drinks when depressed he finds it comforting and the head aches it causes refreshing.
  • Fighting: Jace is most at home and comfortable when he is in a fight. Its what he has been trained to do, hand to hand combat.
  • Music: Jace has a love for good music to which he can fight or dance by. Jace actually loves dancing its one of the things he does well, but again he never really has a partner.


  • Tall people: When your as small as Jace standing next to someone who is tall can be actually very frustrating.
  • Magic: Jace actually has little to no magical talent, and has actually learned that fighting mages when having no talent yourself… is a shit deal, in his mind magic is cheating in a fight.
  • Loosing: Jace hates loosing he hates loosing more then he hates anything else actually. And he will do anything to prevent himself from loosing if that means cheating in a fight or using dirty tactics so be it.

Over-All Personality:

The good

Determined: Jace wants to be given the chance to prove everyone what he can do dispite his looks. Jace is someone who will spend hours training and doing pushups even if his muscle tone doesn’t show on his body. He is someone who will never back down from a fight, and do his best to never fail.

Willing: there are dirty jobs in the world; Assassination, Murder, Torture. Jace is not only ready but actually willing to commit those acts in the name of the mother coven. He and he alone knows all the dark secrets of the holy order and he is more then willing to carry out those acts, and take those secrets to his grave.

Observant: Jace is anything but blind, He is an assassin, and he thinks like one as well. in his mind he has the useful ability to analyze a situation and react quickly. Jace can spot trip wires and his eyesight is incredibly good, and thanks to his contract with shadow bind… he can see in the dark.

The Bad

Lonely: 29 year old virgin is only half of Jace’s problems. No woman likes a man who only comes up to their chest. Jace’s small and minor frame has held him back in almost any and all romantic pursuit, and as such he has become rather insecure about his height, and insecure when it comes to women.

Uncomfortable: Jace is most at home on the battlefield, meaning there is a good 90% of the time when he is off the field and uncomfortable with it. Jace isn’t a very good mage he has very little to no magical talent. And even as the head of the shadow magi most of his actual magic isn’t actually his, but rather his ferret familiars Shadow Bind. Meaning in terms of actual magic he has very little. Making him feel oddly uncomfortable around others of the holy order.

Unconfident: Confidence on the battlefield is one thing, Jace knows his own powers and limitations, and is confident in his ability to carryout missions, where he falls short is confidence around others. Jace doesn’t beam that he is a confident person unless he is in a fight or completely drunk. When sober and off the field he is actually very shy and doesn’t speak often. Some take this as the leader of the holy assassin’s keeping his mouth closed and pushing away others, but actually it’s the fact that he really doesn’t know how to talk to others unless he is killing them.

We all differ at the core.
Magic/Combat Base: Jace has very little actual magical talent. The little that he does have is shadow magic, used mostly for defensive and binding options. Aside from that Jace actually fights using his own bare hands. He is a talented hand-to-hand fighter forgoing weapons to instead strike without a weapon.

Magic Type: Shadow Magic: the only reason Jace is remotely strengthened in this form of magic is because of his familiar Shadow Bind. With shadow Magic Jace can move his own shadow to attack hold or defend, but the cost for doing this is health instead of actual mana.
Shadow Binds app
Power Description:Jace can move and manipulate his own shadow thanks to Shadow Bind. Attack hold and defend in various different forms. His Magic is neither black or white, but rather a contract with an incorporeal ferret spirit.

The paths we went down are different.

Jace was born in London England. The oldest member of the families new generation he inherited Shadow Bind almost immediately. The ritual was carried out at birth so that the spirit was bound to Jace’s shadow for his entire life. He was signed up with the mother coven before he was even old enough to speak. His mother regretting the fact that she had produced a son instead of a daughter which would have been more useful to the coven, but they didn’t know just how useless Jace would be.


Jace grew up in the coven, members of the Alister family were never the greatest magicians, but Jace he was laughable perhaps the worst magi his family had ever produced. Jace had absolutely no ability to cast any magic. When he hit the age of ten his training intensified, and yet still the boy showed no promise. He was the worst of any class he took. He was the weakest apprentice, and he barely held together in combat.

In magic he was just horrible enough to be truly pathetic. At the age of ten any initiated person should have some form of magic even the most talentless have one spell by that time, not Jace. Jace was from a magical family but his powers sputtered and died before he was ever born. He was the only mage in his class who could never cast a single spell.

Shadow Magic

Shadow Bind had always been with Jace but by the age of fifteen and being openly mocked Jace was at wits end. And that’s when Shadow Bind started lending him his powers. Suddenly Jace wasn’t alone, sure the use of Shadow Binds powers hurt, but he could attack, he could defend, and better yet he could hold. Shadows are a funny thing no one ever pays them any attention. In the middle of a fight no one would turn around and count the shadows, and so in Jace got into a lot of fights, and learned to hold people down with his own shadow.

Finally Jace had an upper hand. It hurt, but he was going up against people who would try and kill him. a little pain was sometimes worth it to not die. Jace finally found a way onto a field of battle where he could have respect and power, and a bit of fun.

The Shadow Magi

Despite the name of the holy organizations assassination arm, shadow Magic is not commonly used in their numbers and ranks. Jace became aware of this when he was first recruited to do a job for them. His short stature, and unique powers made him perfict for a stealth job, and jace accepted it.

He passed his trail with flying colors and joined up with the shadow Magi. There organization was tough on him, but then it was tough on everyone, and for a while jace actually felt like he was belongining somewhere, but the harsh reality of that statement is that Jace had one disadvantage in life. His short height. The thing that made him so good at his job, put him at odds with everyone. At the age of sixteen he asked a woman whom he liked out, her name was carol and the two had been semi friends for a while. she laughed at him openly, and in front of her friends. Called him short, and pathetic. There were others after that carol there reactions were all the same or likewise. Some were kinder, but it always boiled down to one thing… his size.

19 years old and 4”3’ he had spent every Friday night alone or on mission. Jace had never had a girl friend never even had a relationship, and so he devoted his time to his missions. No woman wanted him, and so he closed off that part of his life. stopped asking, and stopped caring. He devoted his life to the other part of his job, the assassins of the mother coven.

Rise To The Top

Jace became most at home on the battle field made sure that no one would forget him by excelling in cold murder. Made sure that he was useful to the mother coven, and with Shadow Binds help that was easy. He had no magical talent but he could fake it, and that was all he needed. Jace was ruthless in every task that was assigned to him, and within ten short years he had risin to the top rank. He is the the shortest member of the Shadow Magi, but he is also the most powerful and he will destroy anyone who says otherwise.

Role-play Sample:
Quote :
Malin sat back in a café a glass of juice rested on the table next to him the chair was comfortable, but Malin himself was lost in thought. His head resting against his hand as he sat back lost in memories he had long forgotten. Focused on his past Malin blinked unsure of what he was thinking of. It had started a little while ago that look Kasumi had given him. That hungry look, it had unsettled something that had drained away at his face, and eaten away at his soul. A memory was stirring and Malin was fighting to understand it.

A sound like nails on the chalkboard of hell. It was a scream something he was sure he had heard before but it sounded different closer, and so much so that it shook him to his core. Malin had faced hollows before but always at a distance something refused to allow him to get close. Malin had always thought it was common sense, but as the memory stirred a new feeling shook him. It wasn’t common sense or the fact that he used a long bow, and such a weapon is clumsy in close range combat. No there was something else to all this. Fear Malin was terrified of that scream, but why? Why would Malin actually admit to fear over something as mundane as a hollow?

Malin adjusted in his seat and took an absentminded drink of juice. His mind was bewildered going over what he knew, Kasumi had given him a look, and that look had started to drain his blood cold. Malin had nothing but caring towards the woman, however that didn’t stop him from leaving the next day. His jacket was washed and he had taken a shower in the morning. Malin was clean at least and in more ways then one. A week and a day of no alcohol, now with the intention of becoming fully sober. Malin knew there was probably a place for him with Kasumi, and given time he would like to take that place, but for now he would settle for being the woman’s friend, but he would find a different place to stay.

Of course Malin couldn’t even really focus on the need for a home right now he had too many questions that needed answers. That required help, Malin couldn’t get the answers on his own, but he figured there was one person who knew the answers. Malin had yet to meet another Quincy in his three years that he could remember, but Malin did know there was Quincy in his bloodline. His mother was long dead, but where was his father? it was a question that lingered in the mans mind. Malin pulled out his journal a black leather book the last time he had used it had been when he had written down observations about hollows.

And now Malin was looking over all the entries he had access too. he had started the journal in the days directly after waking up, a nurse had given it to him as a gift. A way for Malin to keep his memories incase he had ever lost them again. Malin had found it more then useful, and kept it with him where ever he went. The black leather book had an elastic over it not every page was it’s own Malin kept every document he had found about himself the fire and everything he could think of. His father had a name, and it had been in here.

Malin tore threw page after page of his journal script after script reading and scanning for some mention, and finally he found it. The old letter that had come to him in the hospital, a letter signed and dated, but lacked a return date. The envelope was basic, and the letter its self-barley had anything written on it. It was hardly what he would have called loving, and if it was from his father then it said a lot about the mans character. But it gave him a name.“Alister Sakino.” Not much to go on if it’s just a name, but for the last three years he had wanted answers, and now he had more reasons to seek out the man. Still only a name to go on was very little.

Oh the irony of that thought. Sakino was more then just a name to go on. It was the name of a clan of the Quincy. Malin’s father must have joined some time after leaving him. he was sure that the mans name had been Kanda as he and his mother, back then, but that had changed, at some point in the past his father Masaru had changed his name and taken the name of a Quincy clan. it hadn’t taken Malin as much investigation to figure that. His road from the café had brought him to the local library where a quick goggle search for the name had brought him. Quincy clan Sakino estate.

Hell Malin was surprised this was so much easier. Three years he must have drank himself stupid, but now that he was sober and free he was apparently cleaver. Or he was just looking into the obvious things that were right there in front of him? “So what am ah looking for then?”

Malin blinked hearing his own voice why was that question so important? Malin had tracked down the home of his father and a clan of his people. Sure it was a little more then obvious if he had spent some time and looked into the name, but that was just hindsight calling him stupid. He didn’t need a reason to be here aside from the fact that he was looking for answers about his childhood. Malin approached the doors of the clans estate. “Is everyone in this world richer then me? Cause if that’s so ah am getting a little annoyed at how poor ah really am. And ah am feeling a might bit ripped off.” Malin spat under his breath.

Finally Malin sighed and consented to knocking on the door. He would go in ask a few questions and go out, the only thing he was truly looking for was answers, and the only person he could think of that had such answers were his father. Malin sighed great he was going to meet someone he had no memory of, and as far as he knew had left his mother to despair. Was that even a person he could trust the word of? Malin had his doubts but he was already here. In for a penny in for a pound.
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Jace Alister [finished]
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