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 Shadow Bind [Incorporeal Ferret complete]

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Masorin/Ivo Alistair

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PostSubject: Shadow Bind [Incorporeal Ferret complete]   Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:31 pm

Familiar:Incorporeal Ferret
Contractor:Jace Alister
History:Shadow Bind has been handed down for generations of the Alister family. it is actually unclear how the Alister family attained the creature, but it has served them ever since they first contracted it.

Shadow Bind has no body of his own, needing a shadow to live in so that he can project his body, and stay in the realm of the corporeal. As such his relationship towards his owner and contractor is more or less the relationship between a parasite and its host. If Shadow Bind were to somehow die, he would reform inside the contractors shadow after a completed lunar cycle, but if the hosts were to die and the contract not transferred to another person before the death, Shadow Bind would be forever trapped inside the shadow of the dead host. As such it has been impossible to tell how long the family has had the familiar, as it has outlived every host it has ever had.

It has remained in service to the oldest of the Alister family even though members of the family rarely have any form of magical talent, and usually end up in service to the Mother Coven as members of the guard.
Familiar name:Shadow Bind
Price:Shadow Bind’s Price is actually very little. He binds to the users Shadow meaning that Shadow Bind is essentially bound to the contractor wherever the user goes Shadow Bind follows. The price for his abilities is the right to use the users Shadow as his home, and for any use of its power, Shadow Bind asks for health instead of Mana. (Essentially the cost of all shadow magic that Shadow Bind can use for its Master is paid with by the users health instead of the users Mana)
Appearance:Shadow Bind has a long body. going almost 2 feet long, and is more impressively made almost entirely out of shadows. His body is comprised of purple and black fur, and often when he stands on Jace’s shoulders he seems almost transparent.

Shadow Bind has no body of his own and is actually made from his contractors shadow. That said the shadow is made solid by the spirits presence so Shadow Bind can interact and touch anything that is needed.

Abilities: Shadow Bind grants two abilities. The first is that it grants its user Shadow Magic. The ability to use and manipulate the users shadow to grab hold of someone attack an opponent or form a barrier. This is how Jace fakes his magical talent, but shadow Magic cost health instead of mana when cast threw Shadow Bind. Meaning Jace must always be wary of how much he casts.

The second is the eyes of the ferret a passive ability that allows Jace to see in any form of light as if it were day. in the dead of night with no moon and 10 feet underground he would be able to see just as well as if he was in a field on a bright summers day.
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Shadow Bind [Incorporeal Ferret complete]
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