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 Dante Cacciatore W.I.P

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Dante Cacciatore

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PostSubject: Dante Cacciatore W.I.P   Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:37 pm

Character Template

Name: Dante Cacciatore
Bloodline: Cacciatore
Age:Twenty Five years old
Gender: Male
Coven: The Brotherhood
Position: Mentor (Leader)

What does your reflection show?
Weight: One hundred and Eighty Pounds
Height: Six Foot even
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Over-All Apperance:
Dante wears the traditional garb of the Brotherhood. White with hints of red and other accents much like a monks robes. Given that most of the time Monks are the ones that give his order shelter.

You're so see through...

  • Peace; Dante is all about bringing peace to the people. Either in death, or by overthrowing those that oppress the people in order to bring peace to a region.
  • Order; As the leader of a secret order of assassin’s Dante lives by a code. A Code that those that follow him in the order all live by. They guide his hand and his blade as he strikes out at injustice.
  • Respect; Dante is always respectful. Even when he is laying a target to rest, often giving them there last rights saying the same thing to each. “Requescat in Pace” Which is Latin for “Rest in Peace” He also knows that respect cannot be taken, it must be earned and he holds that close to heart.


  • Evil; Dante is one of those people that will do anything to root out Evil where ever it may be. Traveling,
  • Repression; Dante hates to see the mass’s repressed and used by those in power. He’d willingly give his life to help people if it meant making things a little better for others.
  • Hot headed people; Dante hates people who take rash action. He’d rather people wait and choose the right time to strike then just blindly charging into a fight.

Over-All Personality:
Dante is rather calm, almost to calm when talking about a fight or killing. The way he sees it, those that kill in the pursuit of a better world are justified for their actions. He’s not a righteous asshole by any means, but he is religious and thinks that the order was created to keep the sins of others in check. Other than that, he’s the average Italian playboy most of the ladies love and the guys hate. Charismatic and an able leader, he’s earned the right to be in his position and honored to be in command of such an able group of men and women willing to give their lives for the cause and help make the world a better place.

We all differ at the core.
Magic/Combat Base: Hand to hand, some weapon play but specializes in the use of double hidden blades.
Magic Type:n/a
Weapons: 2 Hidden blade bracers, a long sword, dagger, crossbow, and throwing knives.
Power Description:n/a

The paths we went down are different.

The Beginning

Born in Italy to two Assassin's, he grew up in the life. Learning at a young age the skills needed to take on the role when he comes of age. Free running, hand to hand combat, stealth, and gathering information among the skills he learned. His father was the Leader, and his mother a master assassin. So as he trained he grew, and studied the art of blending in with others. Often messing with soldiers of the local coven then vanishing into the crowed. He was a natural, like the skills where just programmed into his DNA.

So as he lived he learned, and as he learned and had free time he spent it chatting up the girls and getting into trouble.

Role-play Sample:
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Dante Cacciatore W.I.P
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