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 Familiar Request

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Harmony Cavour

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PostSubject: Familiar Request   Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:26 pm

Familiars Information

A familiar is something that your soul is connected to usually through a family line. Most people consider these like pets. Its common to find almost Magi with a familiar. Its more uncommon to see someone without on. The price to summon them differs between the familiar. It could be something as simple as five health per summon to something like you need to give fresh blood in order to pull the creature from the void it resides in. You need to apply to have a familiar that you can summon through game play with other players.



[b]Familiar name:[/b]

Template Explained

Familiar: The type of familiar it is. It could be something simple like a cat or bird.

Contractor: The person who the familiar belongs to.

History: Any interesting information that happened to the familiar before?

Familiar name: Name of the familiar. You can't really always call for it saying 'Hey you!' now can you?

Rank: The level you need to be able to summon the creature.

Price: Does it cost health, or some sort of even to happen through the thread?

Appearance: What does the familiar look like?

Abilities: Any special attacks, barriers or the likes that the familiar knows to protect its self.
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Familiar Request
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