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 Raphael Sermor-W.I-P

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Raphael Sermor

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PostSubject: Raphael Sermor-W.I-P   Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:03 pm

Character Template

Name: Raphael Sermor
Bloodline: Sermor
Age: Twenty-Seven
Gender: Male
Coven: Supreme Coven
Position: Head Leader

What does your reflection show?
Weight: 195
Height: 6'3
Hair Colour: Raphael’s naturally hair color is black, but due to an incident with arcane magic, it is now a mixture of black and red. Given the slightly morbid color of dried up blood(Dark red).
Eye Colour: Similar to his hair color, his eyes are both the color of dried up blood(Dark red).
Over-All Apperance:
*Note: Physical differences are in Hair/Eye Color everything else is exactly as depicted

You're so see through...

  • Tea Ceremonies: Hey every evil leader has something relaxing and normal that doesn’t cause them to go completely insane. And for Raphael his relaxations comes in the form of Tea ceremonies. There is just something peaceful about the atmosphere that surrounds theses ceremonies. One of the few times that the things of the world is forgotten and where everyone from different walks of life can come and enjoy themselves in a serene place. Depending on his mood he will either attend or host ceremonies, inviting everyone who wishes to attend. He doesn’t force those under his command to attend but it would be a nice thing if they did.
  • Sex In General: Since he doesn’t like mindless destruction, and when sparring isn’t an option the leader of the Supreme Coven usually goes out of his way to find a female to sleep with. Which surprisingly isn’t that hard taken in his appearance, and if that doesn’t work a few drinks or spells can usually do the trick. No matter what he usually release pent up angry doing the intercourse being a dominant individual. He really doesn’t care what the female looks like, but he prefers them to have small to medium size butts and breast no bigger then a C cup.
  • Strategy: Chess or Go anyone? Raphael loves strategy base games and usually enters various tournaments for such. Seeing the games as a simulation for war, it allows him to try out war tactics in a none ‘destructive’ manner before testing them out in war or small raids and such. Using an active imaginations he will literally see different terrains when looking at a plain chess or go board, each piece being a solider of one of his own men, etc. Besides the games, he reads some literature from some mastermind strategist. No matter what though, one will find a copy of “Art of War” by Sun Tzu near him.
  • Knowledge: “Knowledge is power” Oh how true those three words are. If ranking likes by importance was a factor, Knowledge would be tied with Strategy for first place(while Tea and Sex comes in second and third). Everything, anything that he can get his hands on and learn from, this is what he truly enjoys. Hell even reading the daily newspaper allows him to get an insight on the various things happening in the world as a whole. Though not thirsty for knowledge as others, he will actively seeks it out when necessary.


  • Mindless Destruction: The irony of an evil leader disliking mindless destruction, though if one took a deeper look at it they would understand why that is. Mindless destruction or destruction with a real cause or goal gains unwanted attention to the coven and that’s one thing he doesn’t want to happen. If destruction happens it will have a reason for such, along with being swift and deadly. However, if those underneath his command causes mindless destruction he will save their ass if needed but it would be only a one time thing. If they do it again, they are on their own. “If you make the mess, clean it up.”
  • Holy Council: Does this really need explanation? The council has been a thorn in his side even before becoming the new leader of the supreme coven. Maybe it has something to do with the fact they caused the destruction of his immediate family and thus started the chain reaction of events that ultimately forced him into the life of slavery? No matter the cause or reasons, Raphael had made a secret vow to destroy the Council and maybe reshape it to his liken.
  • Slave Owners: Touched on it briefly in the previous dislike; but Raphael dislike owning slave owners. Spending a small fraction of his life as a sex slave to various individuals, he knows their struggles. With the majority of owners being evil bastard who only carries for sexual gratification and not the keeping of their ‘pets’. He has seen how they throw away the slaves once they are deemed un-useful. In his opinion a dog is treated better. If his deep hatred for slave owners, he will often time enter various slave markets just to slaughter the owners and freeing the slaves.

[b]Over-All Personality:
Cold Hearted


Level Headed

Care Free


We all differ at the core.
Magic/Combat Base:
Having his magical discipline being the broad Arcane arts. Raphael is consider by many to have a vast knowledge of said arts. This is only proven when he conjoins it with various weapons in which said used to carve glyphs/runes into the ground which is then put with mana activating spells of different calibers. If one can guess the weapons are mainly used as a catalyst for Arcane magic, though they can be used for what they are truly made for. These glyphs/runes are usually created by executing attacks that carves into the earth. Most people won’t pay attention to these carvings and thus fail to notice them actually being glyphs/runes.

But once or if disarmed by an opponent he can be a formidable close quarter combatant. Though he doesn’t use the glyphs/runes in the same fashion as he does with weaponry.

Magic Type: Arcane

Quote :
Name: Karasu ‘Translates into Raven’
Weapon Type: Doubled Bladed Katana
Description: Besides being double bladed, Karasu could be considered a heirloom of the Sermor’s family. Known throughout the family as a sentimental blade, that grows in strength along with the user. The blade is unique that upon passing it down to another family member, it reverts back to a non-magical blade. Through using it either in battle or training the blade will gain experience, with enough experience the blade will unlock magical properties/effects. Each effect/property being equal to the strength or rank of the blade itself. Physical appearances doesn’t change when magical abilities are unlock. But the voice of the blade itself does going from a barely audible whisper to a very audible voice that could not only speak mentally but physically as well.
Effects of the Weapon: Depending on the ranking of the blade determines it’s effects.
D Rank:
C Rank:
B Rank:
A Rank:
S Rank:

Rank: C
D Rank:
C Rank:
B Rank:
A Rank:
S Rank:

Experience points from the previous rank up will be carried over to the next rank. Meaning after ranking from D rank to C rank, Karasu will need fifteen additional points to rank up from C to B. Get it?
How it Works:

Power Description: Due to his magic being considered the core of the majority of magic, he would think that he has a vast knowledge of said art. Though he is unique is that, he prefers to uses glphys/runes in conjunction with the Arcane art adding an additional element to said magic. But don’t get fool he can cast other spells with ease without the need of glyphs and runes.

The paths we went down are different.

Role-play Sample:
Quote :
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Raphael Sermor-W.I-P
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