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 Matt "Golden Eyes" Novik

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PostSubject: Matt "Golden Eyes" Novik   Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:08 pm

Character Template

Name: Matt “Golden Eyes” Novik
Bloodline: Novik
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Coven: The Mother Coven
Position: Guardian Master

What does your reflection show?
Weight: 163 lbs
Height: 5’11”
Hair Colour: Orange
Eye Colour: Gold
Over-All Apperance: Matt is known for his non-flashy style of dress and often times his less than alert seeming state. He often seems as if his mind is elsewhere and he does not even know what is going on around him. He often wears a pair of grey slacks with a black belt and a silver buckle. His shoes are a normal pair of black dress shoes that he wears with a pair of plain black socks. His shirts are a collection of darker colors ranger from blue to red to gray. Over everything he wears a long black coat that reaches down to under his knees. It has two pockets on the outside and a variety of self sewn pockets on the inside. Matt often leaves the coat unbuttoned and open. Lastly he wears a gray-white scarf around his neck that reaches down to his waist most of the time.

Matt "Golden Eyes" Novik:

You're so see through...

  • Watchful – Nothing gets by the ever watchful eyes of Matt and eventually how he earned the nickname “Golden Eyes”. Matt realized that it was incredibly important to constantly know what was going on around you without looking like you were paying attention. Finally after several years he managed to master this subtle skill. More than once it has allowed him to notice those plotting against the coven.
  • Honest – Matt is honest in the idea that he will stand by his own moral code, which may not align with others ideas of honesty, to Matt being honest means doing good and not just telling the truth. It is more important to be honest with himself than have a false face to put on with others, which often makes others dislike Matt, but the always know they can take him for his word.
  • Adaptable – Being adaptable might be Matt’s best quality, no matter what the situation he is always revising and changing his plan to adjust to the external factors. It seems that he never really allows a plan to come to full fruition until he knows as much as he possibly can about a situation. This forces him to keep his own style of life very flexible as he knows it can change in a heartbeat.


  • Solitary – Matt would rather be in the company of himself than anyone else. The only exception is for those directly under him or his equals in the coven. Quite often he sees that people can just get in the way and end up getting someone hurt or killed, which is the last thing he often wants to see when accomplishing his job.
  • Realistic – When it comes to his own goals Matt knows that realistically the chances of succeeding are usually improbable. He still cannot let this stand in the way and he cannot think that it is only going to fail as that is not his way of doing things. This does not mean he does not realize the truth and probability of the situation he is in. There is a difference between not believing you can fail and knowing a situation is impossible.
  • Blunt – Matt is terrible when it comes to people and will often go places others would avoid. Not seeing the wrong in what he is doing he often criticizes or points out the flaws in others in the most insulting manner. He does not sugar coat things and does not understand why anyone would do such a thing.

Over-All Personality:

We all differ at the core.
Magic/Combat Base: Matt’s power is used primarily defensively and as support for his allies. Overall even his most basic spells are taxing to him incredibly so, as Matt not only has to cast the spell normally but he most also go through mental calculations to be able to effectively use this magic. The calculations are only possible due to Matt’s eidetic memory.
Magic Type: Spatial
Name: Walther P99
Weapon Type: Pistol
Description: The gun itself is nothing special, but it can be loaded with special “Caster Rounds”. These bullets are enchanted and given special effects. They will be detailed by what they do and numbered in a system. Matt will often select which “Caster Rounds” he takes with him before leaving.
Walther P99:
Effects of the Weapon: None
Power Description: Matt’s ability with spatial and time magic could more accurately described as dimensional. Matt works within the four known dimensions, spatial and time. The two are actually intertwined for Matt and he can not affect one without affecting the other somehow. They way it works is in a set area of space Matt can warp either the dimensions of the space inside the area which in turn affects the time, or he can affect the time which in turn affects the space. One might think a benefit of only having to work in one to get an affect out, but the problem is that this side affect is more of a hindrance. For example is Matt tried to slow down an area to stop a bullet from hitting him the size he would be working with would be no larger than the bullet making it a difficult task.

The paths we went down are different.

Role-play Sample:
Quote :
Insert here

"Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean."

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Matt "Golden Eyes" Novik
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