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 Merrik Tentantiunem [Finished]

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Merrik Tentantiunem


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PostSubject: Merrik Tentantiunem [Finished]   Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:00 pm

Character Template

Name: Merrik Tentantiunem

Enthas family
Medium-high power
Shub-Yoggoth (Cthulican)
Blue, Metallic gray
A sapphire embedded in the pommel of a sword symbolizes them.

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Coven: Supreme Coven
Position: Executioner Leader

What does your reflection show?
Weight: 213 lbs
Height: 6 foot even
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Deep Blue
Over-All Appearance:

Man Behind the Mask

Merrik, while not trying to dominate over the souls of the world, is a quiet and isolated man. Normally he is found wearing a worn, but well taken care of two piece suit. Over his shoulders is the signature sash that announces him as a Professor from the renowned Miskatonic University. Over all her produces an air of over intelligence, bordering on the lines of one obsessed with his line of work; which is the study of mystical monsters of legend and lore.

Without talking to Merrik; you would see him as nothing more than an average man. Full head of hair, glasses and a tall, but built figure. There is one thing peculiar about his outfit. Even though most of his garb is worn, yet well maintained; Merrik's shoes are always shined and buffed. Why that is no one really knows, but Merrik doesn't like to see them dirty.

The Dark Lord

This is his true form; Merrik's true outfit. His robe is an intricate work of dark beauty, the metallic grays and the shining blues makes him look like he is glowing darkly. His head is always covered with a cowl that is a part of the robes he wears. His face is hidden from the normal sight of people. He views most not worthy of looking at his true form and thinks it will soil him if he dirties himself by being gazed on by others. You can see his glowing blue eyes though; they look as if they are filled with a vibrant thick blue halogen light and it smokes creepily out of the cowl covering his face.

On top of his shoulders are a set of metallic pads that glow the same blue through the cracks of this armor. The purpose of them is unknown and would better fit a melee fighter than a Sorcerer. The body part of the robe is opened in a V-neck style and exposes his strong muscular chest. This reveals a charm or necklace that he wears constantly. It looks as if the trinket has multiple tentacles writhing about themselves and in the middle is a blue gem in the shape of some contorted sea monster with bat wings. The most intriguing part of the outfit is the pair of gray wings that rest from the middle of his back. They don't look like they are ornamental and they move just like normal wings. Among some of his associates they say he was once an angle for a goodly god, but fell from grace and was punished to become a lowly human. If this is true or not; Merrik will not say. Each of the feathers is lined with a metal-like substance that looks like it could support him as a type of shield or armor.

Overall his demeanor and personality gives him and almost unapproachable air to him. This of course is true. He doesn't want to deal with those below him.

"Merrik's Dark Lord Form":

You're so see through...

  • Torture: Merrik loves to see the suffering of others and the screams of pain that echo through his dungeons.
  • Ice Cream: Oddly enough this rough and ruthless man has a sweet tooth. He will go to great lengths to have something sweet in his mouth at all times, but loves ice cream the most.
  • Magic that brings Pain: Merrik wants to see those he fights in pain. Thus he will study the most insidious spells known to men; this way he can see the pain and anguish on those people who oppose him.


  • Love: The emotion is fickle and makes one weak. There is no place in caring for others, just satisfying your own urges and pleasures.
  • Overly good people: Those people who go out of their way to be goodie-two-shoes make him ill. They have no place in this world
  • Brown-Nosers: He doesn’t mind people who seek his approval, but those that act in ways in order to get on his “good” side just makes him want to kill them even more. People will grovel at his feet because he demands it, not because they want to become his “friend”.

Over-All Personality:

You Will Call Me Master

Merrik has no need for equals. He views anyone strong as a stepping stone to overcome and eliminate. The weak will be subjugated to his will. He has absolutely no problems with executing his own judgment on anyone who is unwilling to bow down to him, but he still finds it unnecessary to kill on whims. He finds quite a bit of pleasure in breaking those who aren't willing to see things the way he sees things. In fact he often times hopes for those to come and stand up against him. "More you struggle; the more pleasure I feel." is something he says under his breath when dealing with unruly subjects. If you are one of those unlucky ones to have those inaudible words spoken to; Merrik will introduce all means of torture subjugation he can imagine. Then when the words "Yes, Master." are finally spoken; Merrik finds joy almost to Ecstasy run through his body.

I am a Kind Master to Those Who Follow Unconditionally

His view of kindness is what normal people call torture and ruthless punishment. Merrik loves the screams of others in pain and loves to hear the masses plea for death. This is the wine on his table. The plain fact is that Merrik is ruthless in everything he does and it is in the extreme. If someone acts to him in kindness it curdles his blood and he wishes to make them grovel at his feet. If someone tries to usurp his authority; Merrik reacts by cutting them down and breaking their soul. Those that are in his "good grace" often times don't even try to approach him in fear that he will imprison them on a whim and torture them just so he can hear the screams of those he "trusts". -And those events are not too uncommon.

The Master of the Damned

Because Merrik is a Conjurer; he is often times in the presence of other-worldly beings. Even most of them are subjugated to his will, but they have one thing that Human's do not. Their very presence insights a level of panic and insanity. This insanity is something that Merrik as grasped and held onto fully, grasping at it if it was the very substance that sustained his soul, (which it probably does). In turn he is volatile and erratic and changes his views of things in a turn-of-the-dime, but it also commands a certain respect from the other humans and his Demonic counterparts. This has given him the title of "Master of the Damned"

I am The Master of All

Merrik is a very narcissistic individual and will not see anyone as superior to himself. Even in his earlier days when he was just figuring out his powers; he would always find himself thinking he was the most superior person in his ranking or class. Merrik of course would make his accomplishments quite audible and let everyone know of his greatness. In everything he does he won’t find any fault within himself even if the experiment was a failure or a success.

While associating with other people he will go out of his way to promote himself and belittle his competition. Everything he does is for the benefit of himself and no one else and the levels in which he acts is borderline Obsessive Compulsive.

You Will Bow to Me, Your Master

Even though his narcissism is among the most potent of personality traits; Merrik knows that he is not the leader of his Coven. He wishes to be at the top and strives to get there. Every goal, every action and every step he makes is made to help him reach his goal of becoming the Master of the Coven. He wants to see everyone grovel at his feet and recognize him as the leading authority not only in Magic, but in social status as well.

The fact is; right now he even thinks of himself as the true master of the Coven. He will now bow to anyone, not even the current Coven Leader; Merrik viewing him as weak and soft. Even if the current leader is stronger than him; Merrik will not recognize him as the authority over his life and his Magic. Most believe that the only reason Merrik has the position he has is because the Leader sees that position most fitting of his personality.

We all differ at the core.
Magic/Combat Base: Dark Magic
Magic Type: Conjuration
Weapons: Merrik wields a short sword.
Power Description:
Merrik’s power is the ability to summon outer worldly beings and demons. All beasts are listed in the H.P. Lovecraft Mythos with minor deviations on the powers of the beasts in order to fit into this world. These beasts are used as shields, warrior and weapons for him. Each of them hold a general ability and that is ”Insanity”. To a certain extent they all strike fear in everyone they stand up against. Of course this will all be done based off of Attribute vs. Attribute if someone is phased by it or not, but to all normal Humans all of these beasts will cause panic and instantaneous insanity.

The paths we went down are different.

The Birth of a Dark Master

The child soon known as Merrik Tentantiunem started on the long nights of the winter cusp. This in itself was insignificant because during that time many babies were born, it was a good time to have a child due to the abundant magic in the air during that part of the year. The significance of this birth was the mother and father of this man. Both of them were High Priests in the order of Shub-Yoggoth and according to their wishes they wanted to birth a child that would become the vessel of their immortal God. From the start from conception to his birth; Merrik was meant to be nothing more than a vessel for a damned god. The ritual had been attempted many times and many times it failed. Of course Merrik’s parents didn’t expect much, but hoped that he would be born with the magical properties in which they could perform the forbidden ritual to implant the Aspect of Cthulican into him.

It was a long and painful labor for the mother of Merrik, but she endured it well until the very last stretch of the birthing. During the final hours of her labor very odd complications occurred which resulted in her death. This ritual wasn’t being blessed like so many others previous to Merrik’s, but the baby inside was still alive and Merrik’s father cut the belly of the woman and retrieved the baby boy. There wasn’t anything odd with this child and that was the one thing Merrik’s father didn’t wish to happen. This boy had the normal amount of magical potential as the rest of the mere humans that existed in this world and the boy was nothing that he hoped for. Potential was the only thing this child had.

On a whim the boy’s life was spared and not sacrificed to the God’s of Shub-Yoggothian followers and was given the name Merrik Tentantiunem; meaning Temptation’s Failure.

The Masters Study

Soon enough at age 7; Merrik was named apprentice to his Father and started to study. Though he was very talented in the use of magic; Merrik’s father noticed one thing different about his magic than the rest of the followers in his religion. Merrik was able to summon and walk with the beasts and demons of the Elder Worlds. After 10 years of study Merrik was able to summon and call forth these beasts on command. Merrik’s father hoped and believed that the success of his birth meant that he didn’t fail and the will of Cthulican was inside the young man and so he pushed Merrik in the magical arts even further and treated him as if he was the reincarnation of a God.

Even with this treatment Merrik knew he was special and he knew he was birthed into this world for one reason and that was to become the master of all mortal beings. He didn’t need his Teachers influence to seek out higher learning and more potent magic. He was the master over all in his pitiful religion and so he sought out the knowledge needed in order to dominate over everyone around him and he used his powers to rid himself of any competition he would potentially find. That included his Teacher.

The Master Reign in the Coven

At age 21 he was finally instituted inside the Supreme Coven. He was given no chance to defy their will for him to join and so he silently accepted his posts and worked his secrets inside of his own group of people. Still during his studies inside the coven; Merrik went to college and became book smart in regards to the thinking of normal Humans. This would be paramount in his goals because he knew that many didn’t know about the secret societies of the Magi and he knew that in order to keep a profile in which he could rise in the ranks in these secret societies. At the age of 28 he received his PhD in Mystical Theorem and started to teach at the college in which he graduated from. Miskatonic University was the perfect place for him to study his unique magical abilities; as their vast library kept much of his religions mythos in store there. While studying he was able to keep the front of being a withdrawn and slightly odd University Professor.

Between his personal studies and experiments; Merrik rose through the ranks in the Coven and was eventually named the Head Executioner. He was a ruthless and arrogant man, but that fit the coven’s needs. Merrik himself followed the rules of the Coven strictly; not because he believed them, but it gave his the upper hand in dealing with obstinate men and women who defied the laws of the society. He loved to point out the faults and extend liberal justifications in order to find other guilty. This way he could use his evil and nefarious ways to torture and defile those under his “care”.

Now in current time; Merrik is biding his time and waiting to overthrow this powerful Coven. He wishes for nothing more than to dominate all. And even though this goal is ever in his mind; Merrik knows to be patient and never reveal his true intentions, or better yet he masks these intentions with the screams of others as he tortures them to death.

Role-play Sample:
Quote :

Not that it mattered much to the man sitting in front of the work station, but the screams and cries of torment were louder today. Well this wasn’t to be unexpected all that much and the man chuckled to himself. ”Well Thomas, you shouldn’t have lied to me so profusely. You know I bless those who tell me the truth. You didn’t even do any wrong, except defy your master…” Merrik chuckled under his breath as he continued to draw the intricate diagram. It was true about the last part. Thomas indeed didn’t do any wrong; in fact he did the Dark Magician quite a favor in destroying that man. But why he lied about it was silly; Thomas knew that Merrik wanted him in these dungeons and Thomas knew that the Mage wouldn’t be happy about the killing, but the outcome was still all too sweet. Merrik could now be sure he wasn’t tied to the assassination and he held the only one who could reveal the wicked mage’s assassination plan.

A slim and evil smile breached Merrik’s lips as he thought of how wonderful the death cries of Thomas were.

But the pleasure wasn’t something to dwell on right now. Merrik had to finish this diagram; yes he needed to summon this new demon and submit its will to him before the night was done. The arcane words and scribbles had to be perfect and the seal on this conjuration had to be complete or this demon would definitely escape and reap havoc on the city. Of course Merrik didn’t fear the beast and even though it was powerful, he could kill it was nothing more than a wave of one of his dark and evil hands.

After a few more hours the diagram was complete and the ritual started. ”Uhlu-eeiai eeiai thoros tog lutham!” The short incantation was complete and a beast started to form from a smoke that appeared out of nowhere. The monster finally solidified after a large internal explosion from inside the smoke. With the smoke blowing away the residents of the dungeon shrunk into their corners so they could escape its evil presence. It had the head and wings of a dragon, the spiny body of a reptile, but the body of what could only explain to be as a 7 foot large hornet. Even though it only had 4 limbs, they were armored and spiked in every direction. This beast was made for nothing other than shredding his prey to bits before feasting on its carcass.

”I am Merrik Tentantiunem! Your Master! I summon you to this planar existence for nothing more than to serve my will. Now submit and show your loyalty.” Merrik fearlessly stood in front of it glaring just as crazily as the beast. With a low guttural laugh the beast spoke in an unknown language. It was roughly translated, ”I know who you are Human, and I know that I would do well in serving you, but my summoning requires a gift. Will you grant me this pleasure Master?” Of course Merrik knew this, but he had bound his loyalty without a fight and called him Master. So yes the gift was in order.

”Oh Thomas; I have forgiven you your faults and release you. Now come forth and receive your parting gift with my good will.” Merrik flicked his wrist and the cell door that held Thomas opened. He slowly walked out and proceeded to walk towards Merrik never once gazing at the insanity ensuing monster. His insides told him to run, but Thomas didn’t want one of the other demons summoned to dispose of him; and some of those were even more disgusting and violent as the one he had just summoned. Merrik sensed his trepidation and spoke to the man to comfort him. ”Oh Thomas… This Byakhee is your gift! He shall assist you with your destiny. Like I said you did nothing wrong and you have shown your repentant spirit and so I shall give you this gift.” The smile on the Executioner was obviously one of insidious joy and evil pleasure, but Thomas had to do what the man asked.

Slowly he turned to the beast and looked at it. Knowing that dominance was the key in controlling conjurations he spoke out firmly and asked the Byakhee to assist him in his destiny. Those words were the last spoken by the man. The evil demon jumped onto the man and thrashed back and forth with his maw so violently that his body pieces were thrown clear across the large room. ”And now all of the loose ends had been tended to…” Merrik smiled as he watched the monstrous demon devour his gift.
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Merrik Tentantiunem


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Merrik Tentantiunem [Finished]
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