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 Covens Basic Information

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Harmony Cavour

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PostSubject: Covens Basic Information   Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:30 pm

The Covens.

Each coven has a leader to follow. They cannot circumvent the leader’s wishes, and in many covens you cannot leave without being seen as a potentially dangerous traitor. In others they will start a relentless manhunt to protect coven secrets. These covens are everywhere, each with varied talents and skills.

The covens themselves are the clans and homes that offer witches safety. This is the thing you want to have around no matter what. If you are without a clan you are seen as easy pickings. All of the covens run on a different set of laws from the other, and there is no form of inter-coven cooperation. What you do in one may be illegal in another, for instance. It is also nearly impossible to switch between covens unless you have protection from the leader of the other coven.

Now there is Black Magic. This magic, you could say, follows the “rules”. In that you must make sacrifices to the Horned One in order to acquire the power. The families and bloodlines which have dealt with the Horned One are some of the most powerful within the known world. They can cast all sorts of spells and pull off many incredible feats of magic. Some even take more than one person to successfully perform due to their scope and power. Most of these covens are exceptionally powerful and use their blood for the spells. One may find them naturally more inclined to “evil” tendencies, but you can find virtue even among Black Magic witches.

White Magic is generally seen as the pure magic. This is the magic that comes form the goddesses and is seen as pure and holy. The Mother Coven, which is the primary coven for female witches who don’t work under the Supreme Coven, is a coven of white magic witches. Their temple is called the Lunar Temple, and is located within the city of Paris, France. They do not do sacrifice since they see such practices as tainting their hearts. They are very powerful witches, but generally don’t like combat. Naturally, their protection spells are top grade.

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Covens Basic Information
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