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 Harmony Cavour [WIP]

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Harmony Cavour

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PostSubject: Harmony Cavour [WIP]   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:24 pm

Character Template

Name: Harmony Shale Cavour
Bloodline: Cavour
Age: Twenty-Three Years Of Age.
Gender: Female
Coven: The Mother Coven
Position: Knight Commander

What does your reflection show?
Weight: 130 Pounds.
Height: 5'7"
Hair Colour: White/Blond.
Eye Colour: Left eye is purple, the right eye is blue.
Over-All Apperance:

You're so see through...

  • Knowledge - This is her thirst. There is nothing more wonderful than pure knowledge to make herself happier with. The woman likes to see those around her find their true potential which can only be reached through knowledge. Her thirst for knowing things seems a bit devasting at times for the fact she will throw everything to the side to achieve a goal in the long run, her goals depending on knowledge.
  • Wine - She has a finer palate and only lets the best wines touch her mouth. She will not accept anything lesser than what she finds acceptable.
  • Glory - This is something she thrives on. The glory for herself. The men and women around her are merely puppets to her true goals.


  • Barbarians - Those who think they can go against their roles in the play. She wants nothing more than to put people like this to rest. She will not accept anyone lesser thinking they are above her. They will all be put in their place if she has any say.
  • Dirt - Tch... Who needs to be dirty? A woman should always look their best before those who might put value into their appearance. She will not let anyone break her beautiful appearance.
  • Useless Puppets - She hates those who think that they can see their role in the grand scheme of a play. There is no need for it in the end. The woman will go out of her way to silence dogs who will not accept their roles.

Over-All Personality:

You could say Harmony is one for theatrics. If there is a show to be put on, she'll make it grander than anything anyone might've thought. She will draw out a scene as long as she wants to prove a point. Even if it means that she is risking her own life. Harmony does not care, once the stage is set all that's left is to make sure the event unfolding is truly worthy of praise. From this people might say she is manipulative but that is not true in the least. Harmony tries her best only to set the stage to make a sight beautiful enough for even the gods to enjoy. It is from this part that she avoids becoming too close to people. Everyone is merely an actor on the stage of life, therefore she only wants to play her role properly. From this stand point though she will avoid becoming too close to other people. Nothing but puppets of fate to be toyed with as the gods and goddesses so desire. This is something she wants to put an end to. Putting an end to the very stage in which they are all puppets on.


Now, this is not the sexual kind of desire but the desire to understand. If there is something before the woman that she does not understand, Harmony will go to great lengths to understand it. She has a desire so deep for knowledge it could be seen as a sin. Nothing matters when it comes down to knowledge, she will have what she wants when she wants it. There is nothing to hold her back from such a goal. If you were to ask Harmony what mattered the most to her she would tell you the knowledge in the world. Not her own life but her desire to learn and understand. She wants nothing more than to get to the very center of her craving. Even if those around her need to pay the price for her to gain such a thing. She is by no means a noble woman.


Her past will always be something to weaken her resolve. It seems when it comes down to it, if something reminds her of her past she'll hesitate. It seems almost as if a part of her becomes detached from the situation, watching not as the person in the body but a witness on the side lines. Its hard to explain how a part of her seems to deny the past ever being there. She takes it as weakness. There is no need for anyone to look back into history. There is no reason for another to concern themselves with the emotions she once had. It seems she changed a lot from a child who wanted nothing more than a hug to a killer who would take a life with her own hands should the situation call for it. Death seems to be something she can not stop. She'll wake up from frantic nightmares of her past. Everything has been leading up to her current position.


Even if she's a murderer, Harmony has the grace to her like an animal from the night. She moves with such beauty its hard to even consider someone like her even dangerous. Harmony knows how to play the role of helpless woman a little too well. Enough that she'll capture people in the ploy and make them forget that danger was ever even present with her there. Harmony can play any emotion she wants to. Act in any manner the person wants her to. She truly is like an exotic gift from the gods. No one is able to tell her true emotions that she keeps behind her mask of grace and delight. A woman like her is a threat to the whole world around them. Elegance to her, is being able to play the part one is given without giving away their true nature.

The Wolf

Destruction has never been too far from the white magic user. She seems to thrive in the strange chaos that follows her around. Yet she plays the role of the dog on the leash very well. She'll follow every order from the Mother Coven to a T without questioning them. Although the more unknown variables in a situation the more fun she has. All Harmony wants is to be able to follow through on her orders while gaining information. She is ruthless among the white magic users. Holding no mercy for those that cross her. She is more like a dark magic user when it comes to her rage, if someone wrongs her she will vow to destroy them. She is very good at keeping her word too. Like an animal, Harmony enjoys the hunt and taking her prey down. To feel the blood flowing in one's body... All the actions are rather sweet to the woman. But she is more of a wild card than a tamed dog. At any time she could snap and betray them all. The Mother Coven seems aware of this risk that is presented in their own ranks.


Harmony really does not like depending on another person. She is seen more as a loner than someone to trust those around her. In her eyes comrades will only slow her down. She does not want to watch her stage be ruined because she allowed someone to get too close to her. Harmony has never made a true friend before, plenty of enemies mind you. In her eyes it is pointless to befriend someone. She used to love before she reached this point in her life. Now Harmony is not certain if love is true, to her it is something that fools chase after. All she wants is her knowledge. It is not beyond her to use someone to help her achieve a goal that she is after. In her mind everyone is a stepping stone.

We all differ at the core.
Magic/Combat Base:
Magic Type:
Power Description:

The paths we went down are different.


Born in French country side to a pair of rather rich blues bloods, Isabeau would be one of the prized children of Eli and Luna. The strange thing about their small girl Isabeau's was the frightening eyes. The two strange colours, one eye that always looked filled with hatred while the other radiated warmth. It was strange to be perfectly honest. The thing about Eli and Luna that wasn't socially acceptable in the most common families was that they were twin brother and sister. Isabeau was born from the incest of her parents who thought such a thing was acceptable. They had been isolated all their lives from everyone so for them to do such a thing seemed natural to them. The thing was the family had wanted this to happen to keep their blood line pure. Which indeed happened. Isabeau was seen as a sickly little girl with strange eyes. The purple eye always seemed to look deeply into people as if judging them while the blue one held only concern. This strange little girl did not seem to understand the morals of those around her. Being a pure descendant of the Cavour line, the family held high hopes for their clan princess who seemed detached from reality.

When it came down to it, the family clan princess was not adapt in magic it seemed. There was no hope for her according to the elders of their family. She was without a hope. A thought that made the twins who parented the child feel shame. It had been their job as parents to raise her properly and it appeared they had failed. Isabeau was always being told how she could've done something better. There was no real childhood to look back on with any sort of happiness. She had no friends, no siblings. Isabeau grew up in isolation with her family not liking her in the least. She was just the child who was not allowed to meet the outside world. It was lonely being like this. Soon enough nightmares started to chew at the girls mind. Whispers of the darkness, becoming one with the more evil nature of the world. It seemed that one of the darker family lines had found about the Cavour secret. The little princess who the world had not seen. The nightmares were getting worse for Isabeau who'd frantically wake up during the night crying out for her parents. It seemed that the failure of a princess was becoming even more of a shaming sight for the family.

Soon enough they decided to send Isabeau to live in one of the family estates in northern Germany. They wanted her to forget about being a magi. It seemed like that path would never be open to someone like her. Such a failure in their family eyes. At the new estate, Isabeau made one friend. It was a raven that seemed to follow her around no matter where she went. The bird was the girl's company. Some of the family saw her with the bird and took it as an ill omen. They tried to kill the bird, but Isabeau would have none of that. She acted in pure anger as she attacked one of the elders in the family. The strange coloured eyes filled with hatred. She would not have her one and only friend taken from her. The one thing that kept her going in the isolation of the estate. Soon enough she was restrained, put into the cellar as punishment. She spent a week in there, feeding off nothing more than stale bread and water they'd give her. It was said during this time she'd learn the true path of the Cavour family if she did not learn to control herself. There would be nothing but wrath holding her down into this world. Yet the girl was not afraid. None of these people liked her to begin with.

It was truly a laugh. Her own parents would not even acknowledge having her. She was nothing more than the dirty secret of the family line. Even according to the normal humans she didn't exist. It seemed that this place was filled with more anger and hate than she liked to believe. A world where she did not exist to those around her. All she was good for was being punished by the magi who needed to practice their magic. Soon enough she was constantly used as a test subject for spells. Her body was being damaged in ways that was considered unholy to the mother coven. Yet no one ever found out about the dirty little secret of the Cavour clan. She was something that made most men and women scoff about. The princess of the cavour clan did not exist any longer. She was nothing but a doll to be used. The magic was slowly destroying her mind, making the small child more of a monster than a cute little girl. At the age of eight years old, the Cavour princess did not remember a thing about those around her. Not a word escaped her mouth, she took all the torture without even a meep leaving her lips.

She was living a nightmare. Something that most men and women would not be able to survive. It seemed that her body was of the pure Cavour line for its resistance to most magic. Isabeau would take the torment with a smile on her face the whole time. These people were only falling to their own sin harming another like this. She would not speak out against them because she did not know how to formulate her own thoughts. All she knew how to do was as she was told. There was no such thing as freedom and choice. That was for the people who were not failures. Choices were only presented to the men and women who would bring honour to their family. During this time, Isebeau preferred to stay by herself in the woods that surrounded their beautiful estate. It was safer out in the wilderness than near a family who did not truly want her around. She would accept being their failure but she would not let her inner flame be extinguished. Perhaps her life was not all fun and games but it was better than nothing. She turned nine years old soon enough, the years were going by much faster that she thought they would. It was a surprise.

They all hate me... They'll learn better.

Isabeau was a beautiful young girl. She was unlike most of the Cavour's with her eyes being two different colours. She was the true princess to the clan but most looked to her as the failure. The demon of hatred in their kin. There was nothing to hold against the members of the family who truly believed this. All she could do is feel pity for them. They continued to use her as a means to train their magic. The Cavour line was known suddenly for their strange skills with magic on the human body. It was almost as if they had something to test on. Isabeau watched the family become more powerful, and then after another passing year received a letter from the main branch of the family. Her mother had fallen dangerously ill. It seemed that she would not be able to survive the next coming year. The news should've bothered the child yet she felt nothing over the news. Mother was just the name of the woman who gave birth to her nothing more. Most of the family was in an uproar over this. With the Cavour loosing one of their best Magi who could they depend on against one of the other families from killing them?

During this time Isabeau watched the family in an almost curious manner before they were indeed attacked. The main branch of the family was attacked by the Oten Clan. The Oten coven finished off her mother and father without a second thought. The world of the Magi was changing, the two families were once more locked in war with one another. It was a shame but Isabeau merely watched with little interest. After all the family never once considered using her in this pointless battle of there's. Which was good for her. The chaos ensuing the attack allowed the puppet of a princess to slip away into the German country side. She did not know where she was going to run. A girl delicate like her? She didn't know a world existed beyond the forest so when she came upon a city for the first time shock seemed to rivet the young woman. The town was beautiful yet the orphanage picked up the child soon enough. After all she was running amuck on the streets, making nobles cringe their noses at her.

A child such as she could still reach for the role of a god. Isabeau remained

Role-play Sample:
Quote :

Who am I?

I could never answer this to anyone. I want to be something in this world. I want to be that bright stunning light that people look to in wonder yet... I am fading quicker every day. My line is supposed to be considered the holy yet look how the mighty have fallen. It truly is a marvel. I thought there was more to the reality around me. I thought that perhaps, I could break the destiny before my set path. This place that I look down before is ruins of my home. Where did I used to live one may ask? All I could do is smile to such a question. Why, we all live in one spot that is connected. The realm of gods and goddesses. Yet we are too blind to see it as such.

If only...

Why am I longing over finding this realm? I will not find it without the power of the coven. Should I ever step from this path I have created... I think that I would find myself hating the world I am in. I could be more! I COULD! But am I!? NO. I hold myself back from the power that would make everyone fall to me. I hold back on the power that would show people what I truly am. This is how I preserve myself. If I were to fall from my mighty position over all those who need me... These thoughts will truly be the death of me I fear. If anyone in the mother coven knew how truly thin my loyalty is I'd be running for my life. Where would I go? I would the traitor who needed to be put to death. A dog straining on a leash that'll break soon enough. I will grasp that destiny that is before me. I no longer want to play the role of good little pooch.

Power is what I'm after.

I am not afraid to use everyone around me as stepping stones. So long as I can speed forward to the goal I want to achieve I will use them all to my own means. I will become something from a nightmare, or fairytale.
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Harmony Cavour [WIP]
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