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 Weapon Template.

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PostSubject: Weapon Template.    Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:34 pm

Weapon Template

Everyone uses different weapons. No two blades are exact, maybe you've modified your weapon from the standard stock. This is all stuff to be noted when playing the game. In this section you are asked to put down every weapon you will be starting with. When gaining another weapon you must apply for it in your thread. The staff will give you their opinion on the weapon. Most cases are that it'll be added to your personal armoury.


[b]Weapon Type:[/b]
[b]Effects of the Weapon:[/b]

Name: What is the name of your weapon? Even a sword tends to have a name like a gladius.

Weapon Type: Is it a blade? Firearm?

Description: What does the weapon look like to you? You can put something as simple as a picture here if you like to do so.

Effects of the Weapon: Does the weapon have any magic in it? Are the bullets, or blade able to defect magic? Or it could just be something simple as a normal gun. Please put in detail here what it does.

Cost: How much does it tax you to use this in a turn?

Rank: What level must you be, to be able to use this weapon.
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Weapon Template.
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