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 Posting Rules.

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Harmony Cavour

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PostSubject: Posting Rules.   Thu Dec 29, 2011 5:21 pm

Posting Rules

  • You can not have more than three topics running at a time with a character. We ask this for your sanity and those playing the game with you that you try and keep the number down. Its not fair to keep those you're playing with waiting on you, everyone wants to be able to write their characters story.

  • You are unable to collect points from a topic if it is not finished. If a topic has died without the partner responding you are allowed to collect from the topic. Two weeks must pass before you can officially consider the topic dead.

  • You are not allowed to kill a character with no reason. If you have a story building up to their demise you may kill them. It could be something as simple as you were hired to end their life, but please try to add in story to it. Senseless killing will not be allowed on the forum. If you do kill someone without any story building to it then be prepared for actions to be taken. Not by the staff but the other players.


M: This tag is for anything sexual in a topic.
R: If you think a topic will have a lot of swearing and the likes, rate it R.
PG: Friendly topic to read, no worries about who'll see it.
Group: Means that more than one person is in the topic.
Solo: That you're preforming the topic alone.

You are allowed to put the name of the person you're having a topic with.
Under the moonlight [Closed. Harmony Cavour][R]

In the pale sunlight [Closed] [Solo]

Both of these are acceptable tags for a topic.
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Posting Rules.
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