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 Schools of Magic

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PostSubject: Schools of Magic    Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:49 pm

Schools of Magic

  • Alchemy: The art of creating potions, and various poisons. Alchemy does not take a lot of magical talent but rather time and patience. With lots of practice you can make various spells. Using this type of magic is generally seen clear in magi considered more scientists rather than actual magi. This art can be used to create many different potions and poisons. Generally the magi using this are known as potion masters. If excelling in this it is a good idea to know some form of fighting to protect yourself in combat.

  • Arcane: Arcane is considered the very core of almost all magic. Not all energy is like a bolt of lightning, there are various uses of energy. Those who use this skill are generally handy with various spells. (Think of Tohsaka family line in FSN who put energy into gems.) Its energy that does not follow any of the other schools.

  • Bard: Songs with heavy verbal keys. A capturing voice or song, Bardic magic is all about verbal projection, creating effects through sound. Effects can very between good or bad, but it all relies on the voice.

  • Conjuration: Known best as summoning, its the art of bringing forth something from your magic to help you in combat and other situations. Magi that use this are generally armed with weapons in case their summon is defeated. It usually takes a lot of concentration to summon something. It is noted that the monsters power differ depending on the main source of the summoners magic. Stereotypically the summoners are weak with powerful summons and allies. Lets hope you do if this is a path you choose.

  • Druid: This is the magic that seems to resonate with life its self. Men and women you study under the druid way of life are known for their life magic. They're noted to be able to use plants, restoration (healing), and animals to their beckoning. Some people that known the druid schooling are able to switching into animals, some are strong healers and others have been noted in the past to be able to use the forest as their own armoury.

  • Elemental: These are the forces of nature. This school of magic is seen as one of the oldest dated back through history. This is a force of energy that depends right on the elements its self. Those who know this line of magic are generally very adapt magi. They have control over earth, water, wind, and fire.

  • Enchantment: Enchantment is a school of magic neither black nor white; it takes a regular item and changes it. Combining it with some form of a magical effect. Enchanters create everything from Golems to magical swords.

  • Illusions: Illusions are images, sounds, tastes, or smells that are so vivid they feel real. A powerful illusionist can warp reality to make a person believe almost anything, but they lack any real substance. Magi that depend on this should have a form of combat to protect themselves with. It is a hard skill to master and even masters can be seen through so keep in mind mastering such a school can be hard.

  • Spiritual magic: The white counterpart of Necromancy. Spiritualists have the power to communicate with the dead, ask favors or be asked favors, and have many powers that can aid both the living and dead. Many healing spells come from this school of magic. Many magi who use these are usually seen in the human world as fortune tellers and the likes.

  • Time and Space: Time and space magic is the rarest form of magic. It involves everything from the creation of portals, to teleportation, as it manipulates the main concepts of the universe. It takes years for most magi to be able to work magic like this, and is generally very taxing on the body.

  • Necromancy: Usually defined as the puppetry of the dead. Necromancy is the black art of animation. It does not have the power to resurrect the dead, but rather use the bodies of the fallen as minions and puppets twisted to the users will. Magi who use this are only black magic users.

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Schools of Magic
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