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 Statistical System WIP

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Harmony Cavour

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PostSubject: Statistical System WIP   Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:36 pm

Stastical System

The system runs off ranks, do you have an A? B? C? All these are determined from the amount you end up earning in the end. Amount of starting spell points are given to you by the staff according to the grade they think you deserve. So it will vary between everyone do not worry on how much you are given you shall be able to grow in the end. In this system we are proud of the growth that a character can achieve. There are five fields you'll notice you have those being health, strength, dexterity, intellect and mana.

We'll define those things for you here:

Health: Health is what is used when you do an action such as hitting another person. Even if it is simple as punching them you will be drained points. Points are drained according to the action done.

Strength: This is how well you can pick something up. If you're weak its hard to imagine you picking up something heavy like a boulder. This is something to invest in if you're going to be someone carrying weapons around on you.

Dexterity: How're your reflexes? Can you avoid something from suddenly falling towards you? Are you able to catch yourself in a fall? This type of stuff is determined while using dexterity.

Intellect: How much knowledge do you have of the stuff around you? If you have little intellect it wouldn't be surprising if you knew little to no actual spells but depended on weapons then you don't truly need this skill.

Mana: This is your magic. Do you have a lot of magic that you can use? Intellect and mana seem to work hand in hand to one another. Those with large mana pools are able to use spells that are varying in degrees. The smaller the pool the weaker the spell is.

Now knowing what each of these do you have a simple thing to figure out. What kind of character do you want to be? Melee based? Magic based? Intellect and mana tend to go hand in hand while dexterity and strength go hand in hand also.

Now to determine what rank of spells and items can be used there is a basic system.

Spells use Intellect as the median
Many larger items use Strength as the median

0-20 = D Rank
21-35 = C Rank
36-50 = B Rank
51-85 = A Rank
86-100 = S Rank

These ranks differ with how much of your own base value you put into them.

How to determine Health

First of all let’s explain why this statistic is isolated. Health is the gauge that tells you how much life you have left and how much more you can fight until you go unconscious. Generally it is not possible to use spells or items to increase this numbers, while in combat they continually drop. (How fast it drops depends on how weak or powerful of a spell you use.)

Health: Your health is the stat that determines how much life you have. At zero you are knocked unconscious and the thread ends, unless you intend to have your character killed off. This is what we will use to determine your health. Str+Dex=Health. These are the physical attributes of your character. If you are a weakling and don’t have the aptitude in the physical realm; it has to be said that your health is frail as well.
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Statistical System WIP
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